Srilekha, Julia, Stella and Namrata

At Rainbow Preschool e.V. we are proud to provide inviting and purposeful classrooms that have been thoroughly prepared by our dedicated teachers.

We make it our highest priority to provide a qualified, caring and responsible staff. Currently Rainbow Preschool e.V. employs three AMI certified Montessori preschool teachers, who practice the principles of the Montessori Method. Our head-teacher, as well as our three assistant teachers, have international experience  and speak native or near native English. All of our teachers work hard to create a positive learning atmosphere in the classroom.

We also encourage and fund continuing education programs and staff workshops. Our teachers meet on a weekly basis to prepare materials and plan lessons for each child. They take great care to foster each child’s natural desire to learn, to acquire and master skills, to cooperate with others and take on responsibility. This way, children develop strong self-confidence and are able to form positive relationships with others.

Additionally, the staff meets on a regular basis with board members in an effort to keep constant contact between the staff and parents. We also cooperate with the city of Munich, Referat für Bildung und Sport, in order to secure the quality of the preschool on a long-term basis.