Special Activities

The Montessori time represents a major intellectual challenge for our children. Between 9 and 11 a.m. everyday children focus on working with the Montessori materials.

The day in Rainbow Preschool e.V. is filled with an interesting and active program from morning to afternoon.

After the Montessori time in the morning our children paint or do arts and crafts relating to the monthly themes, seasons and holidays. In circle time they learn songs and rhymes, listen to stories, discuss various topics and prepare little performances. With a bit of stage fright but very proudly they present the rehearsed songs and plays at the summer fest or Halloween party, Christmas or on other occasions.

Our team introduces the children every month to a famous personality. They learn about the life, the invention, the historical meaning etcetera. We take trips based on the subjects discussed (e.g. farms, zoo, museums, castles, fun park, veterinarian, police) and invite guests (e.g. dentist, dancer or employee of the animal shelter) to talk about their field of work.

Parents are welcome to join us and speak about their foreign home country or profession. Once a week an experienced music teacher (external) gives them an understanding of the world of music and musical instruments.

The afternoon program also provides excitement and fun:

Monday: story telling
Tuesday: arts and crafts
Wednesday: science with little experiments
Thursday and Friday: sports