The Montessori Way

“Help me to do it myself!”
Maria Montessori’s mission statement is the guideline for Rainbow Preschool e.V.

Three professionals support our boys and girls in their individual development. Each day they help our children to fulfil their natural urge to perform a task independently. The lessons are adapted to the learning rate of the child. The children are able to develop their interests and extend their skills step by step.

“Your hands are there to help each other and not to hurt each other” is another guiding principle of our preschool.

24 children from different national backgrounds discover, play and sing together in one group. They are between three and six years old. A balance of age and gender among the children is important to us. This way they can best support each other and learn from their peers.
Depending on the level of development the educators provide each child with new materials in the fields of mathematics, sensory, language and practical life. They use tools that Maria Montessori designed. Wooden sticks and strings of beads open the way into the world of numbers and basic arithmetic. Chalk, sand and emery paper letters help to acquire reading and writing skills. Puncturing sketched lines and shapes with a needle promotes fine motor skills. On special frames with fabric the children practice how to tie a bow or to close belt loops.

Activities like these are a great challenge for all children. Highly concentrated, they work towards the solution of the task. “Joy by success instead of frustration by failure” is an important principle for our educators. Therefore they very carefully prepare each child for the next level of difficulty.